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Top Window Replacement in Minneapolis & St. Paul

When homeowners are shopping around for replacement windows, it’s difficult to decide on what the best material is for the new replacement products. If you’re tired of having your windows stretch, warp, and shift over-time in size due to climate and temperature changes, then you should consider using Renewal by Andersen for your next replacements. With Renewal by Andersen products, you are getting state-of-the-art materials that maximize efficiency, durability, and appearance all at once. We use Fibrex as a quality substitution for wood, aluminum and vinyl – simply because it is free from the impacts that humidity, heat, and fluctuations in the weather cause over time. Read more to find out just how different our replacement windows are from vinyl windows.


How do our windows stand apart from vinyl windows?

  • Vinyl Windows


    Vinyl is commonly used in replacement windows today because it is relatively cheap, and offers more advantages for energy efficiency, performance than provided by the traditional options of wood, aluminum, and other low-cost materials. Although in comparison to wood and aluminum, vinyl is a better option – that doesn’t mean that there aren’t also downsides to using this material. The first problem that many customers complain about is that you simply can’t paint the material itself, which means that the life-span is ultimately going to be a short one – as vinyl has been known to fade quickly when exposed to inclement weather and direct sunlight. In addition to the difficulties with maintaining its appearance (resembling plastic almost), it also is a flexible material that will shift and change in shape with extreme temperatures and climate changes – ultimately costing you far more money by decreasing in energy efficiency with time.

  • Andersen Windows


    Unlike Vinyl, a replacement window from Renewal by Andersen improves upon the benefits that vinyl is popular for, while eliminating all of the negatives that are included with the material. We do this through the use of our patented material, Fibrex®, which is essentially a composite mixture of wood fiber (40%) and thermoplastic polymers (60%). This mixture provides twice the strength that vinyl offers, making for a solid, stable frame that is highly resistant to damage and shape change in any climate. This is a crucial component for maximizing energy efficiency, and ensures that window performance does not degrade over time with respect to insulation, comfort, noise reduction, and functionality. But that isn’t the only benefit to using Fibrex® in our replacement windows. Unlike traditional windows that are factory painted and vulnerable to peeling, flaking, and fading – Fibrex® isn’t painted, coated, or stained to provide its final appearance options. The color and finish option that you select is actually the natural color of the product itself, allowing for your investment to look beautiful for years to come!


    If you think it’s time to finally replace the windows in your home and reduce your costly energy bills, outside noise, and enhance the overall appearance and comfort of your home, then we are only a simple form fill or phone call away. By using the request form on this page, you can setup an in-home consultation that is completely free of charge and obligation with one of our product specialists, or you can make an appointment by simply giving us a call. We are happy to service the areas of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Plymouth, and Bloomington Minnesota as well as any and all surrounding Twin Cities areas.