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New Jersey Patio Doors – Renewal by Andersen

When thinking about which company you want to replace your Morristown NJ patio doors, choosing Renewal by Andersen New Jersey is the smart choice! We offer the widest selection of replacement patio doors and listen to your needs to help you select the best option for your home. We don’t just focus on one decision factor, we consider everything from your budget to your home’s style and function.

Our replacement patio doors are divided into three main categories:

  1. Contemporary Sliding Doors: Our maximum space saving design
  2. Hinged French Doors: Our most popular and traditional design
  3. Sliding French Doors: Combination of both Contemporary Sliding and Hinged French Doors

Call Renewal by Andersen New Jersey at 1-908-325-5536 to start creating your own custom patio doors.

What are R-Values vs. U-Factors?

An R-Value is the ability of a material to resist heat transfer from one side to the other. Essentially, the greater the R-Value the better the door is at insulating your home. Depending on the location of your home, construction codes often have minimum R-Value requirements. In contrast, U-Factors — mostly used for windows — are the measure of heat loss through a given material. The two terms may be used interchangeably, yet it is important to distinguish that for U-Factors a lower number is better. For R-values, higher rating numbers are preferable.

The formula to determine a replacement door’s R-Value is as follows:

1 / (Rso+Rsi+R1+R2…) Where Rso is the thermal resistance of the outer surface, Rsi is the resistance of the interior surface, and then you take the sum of all of the individuals building materials resistance element.

By investing in replacement patio doors from Renewal by Andersen New Jersey, you can reduce condensation while lowering your energy bills. We measure and custom build our replacement patio doors to provide you with the desired fit. Having your doors fit tightly are crucial for insulation. Also, we add the highest quality weather-stripping between the door and the door jamb so your door seals completely. All of our doors are installed with our Renewal by Andersen multi-point locking system which ensures the optimum level of security and protection available.

Here’s an overview of the four types of residential replacement doors that Renewal by Andersen offers:


Hinged French

This aesthetically pleasing replacement door design is a traditional French style that like the rest of our products boasts high energy efficiency performance. The new entry way into your home will change the way you come and go, and it sets the tone for the atmosphere on the patio. You never have to sacrifice security for beauty with Renewal bu Andersen doors in New Jersey. This style has a multipoint locking system at the door handle, top, and bottom of the frame. You can also choose from 1 and 2 panel layouts for outswing, and 1, 2, or 3 panel layouts for inswing. Our Hinged French Patio Doors are built with strong, high quality materials that feature mortise and tenon dowel joint construction. Customize your replacement patio door with interior colors like white, maple, oak, and pine. Take your look even further with stylish lock and handle hardware sets and grille patterns.


Contemporary Sliding

Unbelievably thin, our contemporary sliding patio doors are great for creating a new look for entryways to the back or side of your house. The slim frame creates a vast glass area that makes your yard look absolutely stunning. That being said, you can also use a short fractional, tall fractional, colonial, or prairie grille pattern to break up the solid glass pane and create some stylish flair. Our Perma-shield contemporary sliding door is built with a hard vinyl surface over a strong wooden core. Conversely, the Narroline model is made from pine with a urethane base finish. Customize your replacement patio door with interior colors like white, canvas, sandstone, terratone, and pine. Take your look even further with stylish lock and handle hardware sets and grille patterns.


French Sliding

Our best selling patio door in the New Jersey area, this style easily opens with dual ball-bearing rollers. Don’t strain yourself trying to pull open a heavy door that loosely sits in its frame when you could casually come and go with the flick of the wrist. They come in both 2 and 4 panel layouts and are custom tailored to your home’s size specifications. That’s how we know our doors will operate seamlessly and will prevent any drafts or unwanted moisture from ever entering your home. Control your patio door’s style with vibrant color options like oak, maple, pine, and white. Further customize your look with sophisticated handle and lock hardware sets and grille patterns.

Purchase the best windows with the highest R-Values around by calling Renewal by Andersen at 1-908-325-5536 and schedule your free consultation today!