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Renewal by Andersen vs low-end Vinyl Window Replacement in Rhode Island

Purchasing Renewal by Andersen replacement windows means you are choosing the best quality and customer service. Not only are our products innovative and functional, they are also great ways to enhance the architecture and style of your home. Andersen works hard to find solutions to your household problems, making your decision easy. Trust our state of the arc technology and hassle free process for your door or window replacements.

One common decision that homeowners face is whether to purchase low-end vinyl or wood replacement windows. There are some pros and cons to each. Wood is strong, durable, and visually appealing. However, this material is high maintenance. Wood needs to repainted and chemically treated due to peeling, rotting, and cracking. These frames can also grow mold or fungus.


low-end Vinyl Windows


Andersen Windows



low-end Vinyl may seem like the better choice because it is low maintenance. On the other hand, low-end vinyl is not a durable product; it changes shape due to weather that creates gap between your window frame and walls. Although the low-end vinyl is a good insulator, the gaps negate this quality by letting air flow outdoors.

Seeing the disadvantages of each product, Andersen Windows created its own special material called Fibrex®. This polymer combines the strength and durability of wood with the low maintenance qualities of vinyl.

Fibrex® is easy to customize for your home because you can choose which color you would like. Other materials are less durable and cannot be stained darker colors. Because Fibrex® is so durable and resistant to heat, it can handle the manufacturing process of dark coloring, giving you more options.

Fibrex® is low maintenance because it does not need to be painted or chemically treated. It comes pre-blended with the color of your choice, and it is resistant to all mold, rotting, peeling, etc. Additionally, the polymer is so strong that a thick frame is not necessary. This maximizes the glass surface area on your window, leaving you with better views of the outdoors.

If you value replacement windows that are durable, elegant, and low maintenance, call Renewal by Andersen today. Our innovative design will maintain the temperature in your home while increasing its value with beautiful windows.