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Renewal by Andersen® Fibrex Windows vs. Low-End Vinyl Windows

When you are looking for Long Island replacement windows, it’s hard to know what factors determine the best performing window for your dollar. Not only is using energy efficient glass a top priority, but the material the frame itself is a crucial factor. These materials are monumental in both preventing energy loss through its insulation abilities and through protecting the seal between multiple panes of glass. If you want the best results on your utility bills and the most durable fixtures, you want Renewal by Andersen’s top of the line window products. In place of wood, aluminum, or vinyl, we use our own patented Fibrex® material that never swells, fluctuates, warps, chips, or peels. Read on to know more about how our windows stand apart from vinyl windows.


How do our windows stand apart from vinyl windows?

  • vinyl

    Vinyl Windows

    Vinyl is a popular option for replacement windows today and can be found in many big box, home improvement retail stores. It is affordable and low maintenance for homeowners that are just trying to fix a broken or tattered looking window. However, several problems present themselves when you opt for this generic construction material. For starters, you cannot paint or customize the color, and most of the time vinyl frames are mass produced in white. Once direct sunlight, heat, and inclement weather takes its toll on the surface of the vinyl, there is very little you can do to restore its original clean, pre-faded appearance. Vinyl, which looks and feels like plastic, is very malleable and will warp, bend, and mold over time creating pressure imbalances that can affect the energy efficiency of your window. Between the short life span of a soon downtrodden looking window and its diminishing energy cost saving abilities, the price tag of vinyl windows quickly becomes a not worthwhile purchase decision.

  • andersen-window

    Renewal by Andersen® Windows

    Renewal by Andersen takes the few benefits of vinyl (like paint free maintenance) and improves upon its durability, insulating ability, and strength. In addition, you will enjoy a plethora of colors and design options. We achieve these benefits with a revolutionary material called Fibrex®.

    Fibrex® is a composite mixture of 40% pulverized wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic pvc polymers. This blend provides more than twice the strength that vinyl offers which resists erosion and adequately supports the weight of multiple panes of glass. In addition to the added durability, it also provides a higher level of energy efficiency, noise reduction, and dependable functionality. Feel confident tilting the sashes out for cleaning knowing that no components are fragile enough to break, even down to the locking mechanisms.

    Fibrex® is manufactured in the color of your choice, formed to your windows’ exact specifications, and shipped out for installation. Don’t settle for anything less than Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. Make a real investment in the long term value of your home.


If you are finally ready to discuss cutting down your energy bills and restoring comfort and functionality to your home, call Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, NY today. We are happy to serve homeowners in and around Long Island, Oceanside, Garden City, Fresh Meadows, Plain View, and Queens County.